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Last year one of our editors Andi Harriman did a piece with Lethal Amounts about the ultra-rare book The Art of Rozz Williams: From Christian Death to Death. Now, the much sought after collector’s item has finally been re-released in a brand new edition.

The book was compiled and edited by Rozz’s friend Nico B. and published back in 1999, showcasing, as Harriman noted Rozz’s art collages in the style of Dalí, Man Ray and the surrealistic artists of the 1920s with his dream-like (or nightmarish?) compositions”.

The new edition of the book also includes 8 extra pages with new art images and a new forward by Christian Death’s original guitarist Rik Agnew, plus portraits by Los Angeles rock photographer Edward Colver, as well sketches, lyrics, and intimate and promotional photos—covering not only Christian Death, but Rozz’s full discography including his other bands and projects, such as Shadow Project, Premature Ejaculation, Daucus Karota, and PIG—his collaborative film with Nico B.

The book is not for the faint of heart, and delves into very macabre and graphic subject matter featuring: grotesque nudity, medical abnormalities, and Nazi imagery—the latter of which is used as a parody and critique of fascism in American society; a fascism that even invaded Punk Rock, for which Death Rock was the response.

Some may balk at the inclusion of a copy of Rozz’s death certificate in the book, as well as Rozz’s application to the Hollywood Punk store Retail Slut, but perhaps that would be the ultimate irony, given the way Rozz actually lived.

There are only 1000 copies in this print run.

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