American DJ and producer Textbeak announces a new remix album via Cleopatra Records, SICK 4 RMXS A SEASON E10, featuring remixes from Sick for Songs a Season Eats.

The latest offering is a remix from Alka of the song Gravity Well, featuring the ethereal vocals of the brilliant synth artist Searmanas. Influenced by artists like Coil, Cabaret Voltaire, and Skinny Puppy, this instrumental is a hypnotic combination of spiky industrial-flavored synth stylings setting the foundation – and a ghostly wail wafting through the horizon.

Other contributors to SICK 4 RMXS A SEASON E10 include Antoni Maiovvi (Ye Gods), Jeremiah Meece (Valis), Click Click, Mark Stewart (The Pop Group), Frank Weyzig (Vaselyne, Clan of Xymox), Mater Suspiria Vision, Satanic Hispanic, and more.

Watch the glitch-heavy, futuristic, and atmospheric video for the Alka Remix of Gravity Well, directed by UXRA, below:

Textbeak has been composing and DJing dark electronic music for many years and appears regularly on several live-streaming events, including a residency for Strict Tempo’s monthly MEKANIK event in Seattle, a monthly residency with Club Requiem in Oakland, and regular appearances on Noir Frequencies in Tucson. From his compositions to his genre-destroying DJ sets, he constantly creates new and unusual sound collages and mixes.

Textbeak, né “Mike,” began making music in the late 1980s, starting projects with Todd Sines (Planet E, Peacefrog). In 1991 he (and his trusty Roland W-30) moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he Todd Sines joined up with Titonton Duvante (Residual Records) and Archetype (Ongaku, Black Nation) to start B/Re (Body Release).

In 1994, his band Bath signed with Jevan Records and recorded at Noise with producer Kramer (Shimmy Disc, Bongwater, Low, Ween, Galaxie 500). In 1998 he began to release solo works as Textbeak on labels such as Dark Daze (Carlos Peron of Yello), Moon Sounds (Dallas), Lasergun (Berlin), and Tundra Dubs (San Francisco). In 2011 he began TXTBK’s CHVяCH XV BяXK3N 7ANGvAG Radio, which has featured mixes by Philipp Strobel (aufnahme + wiedergabe), CRIM3S, BLVCK CEILING, Clan Destine Records, Mannequin Records and many others.

You can stream the track below. and pre-order SICK 4 RMXS A SEASON E10 here.

(ALKA appears courtesy of Vince Clarke’s VERY RECORDS.)

Photo: Alice Teeple
Photo: Alice Teeple

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