[dropcap]NYC’s[/dropcap] Tempers have premiered their video for Strange Harvest off of last year’s acclaimed record Services, which came out on Berlin label aufnahme + wiedergabe. Eddie and Jasmine’s next LP Fundamental Fantasy will be out on Feb 24 via The Vinyl Factory.

“Thematically, ‘Fundamental Fantasy’ feels to me like it’s set on the day after our previous album ‘Services’. Loss and longing are still important themes, of course, but the voice has a new awareness, a coming-to-terms, that feels like a shifted emotional landscape. Jasmine also uses her voice in new ways here, layering her vocals in two- and three-part harmonies, and that adds a delicate layer to the insistence of our electronic arrangements. I think because we played more of the album live instead of relying solely on programming, there’s a dynamism to these songs that makes them more immediate and personal, and that was something we really wanted to explore.”Eddie (Read the full interview here at Wonderland Mag)

Additionally, listen to Public Memory’s excellent cover of Strange Harvest below

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