Tampa, Florida industrial goth artist Layne Lyre has a new video for “Keep Up”, a sinister and frenetic song laced with hazy vocals that zips through mind-bending arpeggios and catchy hooks.

Influenced by The Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus, Lyre’s gothic rock collides with industrial and electronic influences from Nine Inch Nails, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, and Orgy. The frenetic pace also brings to mind Stu Phillips’ eerie synth theme for Knight Rider setting the pace for the menacingly whispered lyrics, roaring distorted guitars, and a gritty, lo-fi aesthetic. Lyre masters the slightly unhinged vibe of With Teeth era NIN, which, when peppered with the urgent guitar work and synthesizers, feels like firing neurons working anxiously overtime in the night.

Like the track itself, the video is also a DIY performance. Keep Up was recorded independently with a home recording studio, with independent mixing and production, and the video reflects this scrappy ethic in artistry.

Watch the video below:

The debut full-length Analog Decay came out October 23rd, 202o, showcasing a variety of influences while maintaining its overarching sound. The 12 song L.P. is comprised of material written and recorded throughout late 2018, 2019, and 2020. “It is a very raw and unpolished experimental collection of songs and ideas,” Lyre says.

In September 2021, Layne Lyre released a new dance-friendly single, “Obsolete”, featuring an alternate version and a remix by Psychic Fidelity. This was followed up a month by a remix of Bootblacks’ “Nostalgia Void”.

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