In the four years since her last LP,  Tamaryn has found herself reflecting, innovating, and crafting her next record, which has just been announced today. The album, titled Dreaming the Dark, is due out on March 22nd via DERO Arcade.

Alongside the album announcement, Tamaryn has also dropped a new track, the gloomy-yet-shimmering “Fits of Rage,” which continues 2015’s collaboration with Lansing Dreiden’s Jorge Elbrecht. Listen below.

On the surface, echoes of 4AD-era dream pop in the vein of A.R. Kane and Wolfgang Press are easy to catch, as are subtle nods to classic Madonna, Book of Love, Kate Bush, and other romantic, passionate, synth-driven artists. What’s most exciting however are the spaces in between these references; hip-hop beats, deep sub bass grooves, and above all, powerful vocal hooks that show Tamaryn forever at the peak of her powers.

Check out the full details for Dreaming the Dark below:

Tamaryn- Dreaming the Dark
1. Angels of Sweat
2. Terrified
3. Path to Love
4. Fits of Rage
5. Paranoia IV
6. Victim Complex
7. You’re Adored
8. The Jealous Kind
9. Dreaming The Dark

Pre-order via Bandcamp

Photo by Gina Canavan

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