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Canadian synthpop project Nouveaux have released their third single: “Odesa Steps”, a track from their upcoming self-titled debut album (due in June via Sabotage Records/Castra Records). The song showcases their darker, more political side with a sound reminiscent of Lebanon Hanover, while also alluding to band members’ prior work in Spectres. We also hear elements of The Human League, Deux, Savage, and Stereo Total in their sound.

Photo By Lindsey Wallace

Film buffs and history enthusiasts alike will recognize the allusion to Sergei Eisenstein’s classic film Battleship Potemkin. Odesa Steps is intended as an observation of how liberating ideologies can twist and become deadly. The sombre lyrics of the highly emotional track reflect upon the brutal history of the 20th century – and the horror of violent karmic cycles repeating themselves.

“Though the lyrics of Odesa Steps focus on the Katyn Massacre and Soviet war crimes of the past century, we feel it is necessary to draw attention to the current war and its horrific impact on Ukraine and the City of Odesa,” says Nouveaux. All members of the band have familial ties to Eastern Europe and family members who have been forced to flee for various reasons. “This was a challenging song to write, record and release but we believe its message and themes need to be considered now more than ever,” they say.

The stark, minimalist performance video, filmed and produced by Wayne Moreheart, is full of compelling imagery and low fi black and white footage. It alludes to German Expressionism with its simplicity and monochromatic scheme, but with a decidedly modern feel.

Watch below:

Nouveaux hail from Vancouver, and the band is comprised of Brian Gustavson (SPECTRES) Nathan Szilagyi (SPECTRES) and Michelle Smolnicki. The dreary yet beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest inspires their moody atmosphere and unique sound. “Odesa Steps” was recorded and produced by Jason Corbett of ACTORS at Jacknife Sound,

The band encourages listeners to donate to Ukrainian relief funds of their choice. Any proceeds made by the band directly through the single will be donated to Ukrainian relief funds.

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