Synth-punk project Rex Pistols opens up with “Don’t Be Afraid of My Heart”, the first single from her sophomore album; What Love Is.

Rex Pistols is the solo project of Canadian-Icelandic musician Rex Beckett. Born in Montreal, and based in Iceland since 2009, Rex Pistols began in 2016 as a radical need for self-reclamation, rediscovery, and extreme vulnerability.

The single “Don’t Be Afraid of My Heart”, is accompanied by a music video created by Kælan Mikla collaborators Dean Kemball and Kinnat Sóley.

Shot in Iceland this summer. The song and video is a message to her friend and lover who was unable to let themselves catch up to her love in time. This is about a love that was tender, kind, and beautiful but held between two people that were out of sync with each other.

“The video is set in this light, delicate soft world that I envisioned a long time ago when I started getting the first inklings of this album. I imagined all the songs of this album existing in this dreamlike setting, self-contained in a safe fantasy space where I could explore the ideas of love, desire and grief. I’ve also always loved the imagery of 80s softcore porn and harlequin romance covers, and I truly enjoy this over-exaggerated caricature of romance and sensuality.”

Watch the video for “Don’t Be Afraid of My Heart” below:

The aural world Rex Pistols has invoked is full of duality in its sensuality; minimal yet extremely deep, tough yet vulnerable. The music will, without a doubt, wherever you are, send shivers down your whole body and take you to a place both in your heart, and in her heart, place that you thought was lost.

Rex Pistols’ sophomore album, What Love Is, will be released on MYRKFÆLNI on the 27th of November this year. The release will be out on a cassette, limited to 150 copies.

The album is a more elevated version of what we have previously heard from Rex Pistols but still has that magical rawness and her big broken heart on a plate, waiting for us to listen to it beat.

“The album is an exploration of love in all its forms and how they have all shaped my inner world into a lush, decadent, magical space of lightness and darkness, tenderness and intensity,” says Rex. “By bringing this inner world outward on this album, it has reshaped and clarified my reality and deepened my understanding of what I already had. It has shown me that I knew what love is all along.”

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