Mysterious Los Angeles synth-punk duo L.A. Drones! have just released their new full-length album I Can’t Stop To Dance This ****!

L.A. Drones! are the pair of Mr. Pablo & Darlingtonia, artists that are a fixture on L.A.’s live circuit especially in the tight-knit, almost cult-like devoted scenes surrounding Echo Park including numerous performances at the revered Part Time Punks showcase. Their raunchy, risqué and raucous performances have been featured alongside Psychic TV, PiL’s Jah Wobble, Juan Atkins, Lydia Lunch, Thrill Kill Kult and more.

From electro-punk to electroclash, synth-punk to new-wave in the vein of German Neue Deutsch Welle, L.A. Drones! channel bands like Neu, Can and Kraftwerk, Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, a Crash Course in Science, and DAF.

Following their remix of the Magic Wands song “Lazer Bitch” in 2017, the band readied a new full-length LP, highlighted by a phenomenal Spanish language cover of Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire”.

Additional, the graphic artist who does the artwork for LA Drones!, Matt Fishbeck. has worked with Ariel Pink, John Maus and others.

Listen to the sex infused I Can’t Stop To Dance This **** now via digital streaming and be sure to watch for live performances coming soon.

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