Crafting infectious synth-pop with heavy 80s influence, Same Eyes, a duo based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, releases the danceable, catchy “Such A Shame”. This is pure new wave ecstasy, with churning vocal hooks and emotional synth refrains. “Such A Shame” is intelligent pop in the vein of classic bands like Heaven 17, The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, earlier Depeche Mode, and Blancmange.

“Such A Shame” is a classic narrative song at home in that sweet spot of eerie, echoing synth refrains and impassioned vocal delivery – sounding like a delicious mix of Michael Hutchence and Phil Oakey. This is the music to crank loudly during a heady night drive through the city, or as the mesmerizing lights snake around the darkened trees of a wooded road.

Same Eyes, comprised of Chad Pratt and Alex Hughes, released their debut album Parties To End last January. The video was directed by Michigan native John Hanson, and filmed throughout the back streets and vacant warehouses of Detroit. The spotlights and darkened backgrounds give the video an unsettling film noir sense of suspense, working well with the track’s sinister undertones. The video stars vocalist Alex Hughes alongside artist and actor Christiana Laine and dancer Brandon Stuart.

Watch the video for “Such A Shame” below:

“Such A Shame” serves as the first single for Same Eyes’ upcoming album Desperate Ones, which is set to be released in January 2022.

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