“Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?”

London based synth-laden project M!R!M, the creative vehicle for the charming rogue Jack Milwaukee, has followed up its first single from the forthcoming new album The Visionary with a collaborative track “Another Life Another Time” featuring Kat Day of The KVB.

The song evokes the mood and hazed immediacy when you wake from a dream, grab your shoes from beneath your bed, and rush out the door to reach your destination, while the soft glistening hum of sleep still lingers

Watch the video below:

With The Visionary, Milwaukee stays true to his DIY studio roots, with nearly everything you hear on the album recorded in his bedroom in east London, as Milwaukee explains:

‘’Within these walls I cherish all my hopes and face all my fears. This room knows me best, there’s no other place where I could feel more comfortable and focused’’,

As for the album’s themes, Milwaukee adds:

“The record comes out of experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil caused by the loss of my best friend at the end of 2017 and wanting to create something that could pay tribute to her and to our friendship. The Visionary is the manifesto of those who decided to be not afraid of being different despite people’s judgment because being yourself always and in any case is the most important thing.”

The Visionary is out on January 31st, 2020, via Avant! Records.

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