Completing a hat-trick of spellbinding music videos that are cinematic art unto themselves, Sixth June have done it again with their latest clip in promotion of their third studio album Trust.

Their latest video is for the song “Negde Neko”, which in Serbian means: “Someone Somewhere (is waiting for someone )”. The song is mournful dirge infused with forlorn synths, vocals, and percussion, evoking the melancholic sorrow of what remains after the death of someone we love.

The video was filmed in Belgrade, with the concept by both Lidija and Laslo, and shot by Laslo Antal, Shira Wolfe and Vuk Vidor.

The costumes were designed by MorfiumCouture.

Watch the video below:

Trust, which would have been in our best of 2019 list if it had only come out three weeks earlier, will finally see its release on Friday, January 17th via Mascom (Belgrade) and State 51 (London).

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