Swedish Gothic Rock and post-punk heroes Then Comes Silence have produced their best album to date with Machine, an exceptional selection of 11 tracks that are their most gratifying songs to date covering themes of, death, Feminism, unity in the goth scene, and more.

Now, appropriate for Friday the 13th, the band have released a new music video for the album track “Dark End”, and along with its release, Then Comes Silence’s frontman Alex Svenson thanks the fans for helping the band through these tenebrous times:

“Social media saved the album release back in the spring of 2020. It was a virtual release more than a physical release. Since we couldn’t tour and do shows like one usually do with a release of a new album, we had to put all our efforts into the socials. We reached out to everyone online with chats, interviews, and live streams.

Thanks to our lovely followers and fans that have been great support all year, we can keep the music going. In my opinion, the goth and post-punk community have been extremely essential to everyone involved this year.”

Featuring the makeup artistry of Kim Sollare, the video for “Dark End” was filmed & edited by Damón Zurawski for Future Legends Films, who also made the “APOCALYPSE FLARE” video back in February.

Watch the video for “Dark End” below:

With “Machine”, an album fraught with pain in the writing, Alex muses on the proposition once posed by the Blue Oyster Cult on if one should fear his own dark end:

 “There’s absolutely no meaning in rebelling against death”, he shrugs. “Even though death is bringing grief and pain to the ones left behind, we have to accept the fact it’s everyone’s final destination. It’s’ supposed to be that way. Deal with it. We’re all going there.”

On death as the ultimate muse, he continues:

“If we talk about death, sing about death, and think about death regularly we might feel better and appreciate everything around us more. Maybe we could reach a higher quality inside. I think about death every day and that makes me a nicer person I’m sure.”

Then Comes Silence’s fifth studio album Machine, is out now via Oblivion/SPV (EU) and Metropolis Records (US).

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