Next time you’re looking for your car, beware the sinister wiles of the Gimp Mask Antichrist: Swedish artist aux animaux returns with the seductive Possession. Sung from the demon’s perspective, what the demon represents is up to you…and your own subconscious. Will you let the demon have her way in the Dark Nightclub of the Soul?

aux animaux draws her inspiration from both horror films and her own Jungian shadow work during the pandemic, when she sat isolated from her social circles. Possession is about confronting one’s inner demons and accepting them; living with the light and shadow as a whole, evolving, ever-changing in this human experience.

Watch the video for Possession “below”

aux animaux is a darkwave artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Born and raised in Istanbul, she is a self-taught musician with a long career as a bass guitarist, alternating between theremin and bass guitar onstage. She considers the theremin to be her source of sorcery.

Her new EP ”Hauntology” is out today. Hauntology, a term first used by French philisopher Jacques Derrida, argued that Marxism would haunt Western society from beyond the grave. Hauntology is a term applied to music as well, with aux animaux’s music evoking the 80s.

“In French, hauntology sounds almost identical to ontology… spot on, considering how capitalism is the cancer of human kind,” she says. ”I tried to combine working a full time job with making music (as a DIY artist), and I quit my job at the end of summer. It’s incredible how much my productivity and creativity increased since I quit a job that sucked the life out of me.”

Hauntology consists of 4 songs and 4 remixes. The first three songs, “Devil inside”, “Possession”, and Mara are produced and mixed by the artist herself, whereas Haunted was co-produced with and mixed by Malmöite darkwave band abu nein. The remixes are done by Swedish artists Tobias Bernstrup, Priest (old ghouls of metal band Ghost), Majestoluxe, and aux animaux. The mastering is done by Doruk Öztürkcan (She Past Away).

Hauntology is out now.

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