Today we present to you a stream of Geodetic’s beautiful, warm, and menacing Cold Lights EP. Naturally, this avant-garde release is being issued via Berlin label Instruments of Discipline. This is Geodetic’s second EP, following ‘Broken Consonance’, released on Maple Death Records earlier this year.

‘Cold Lights’ is a creative juxtaposition of industrial soundscapes and rhythmic beats that have a familiar warmth and organic feel—yet at the same time being completely alien and mechanical. Ultimately the hypnotic rhythms win out, and the EP is more so a pleasure than a challenge to enjoy.

Geodetic is the joint venture of well-known Italian experimentalist Claudio Rocchetti, a close collaborator of Valerio Tricoli, and Jukka Reverberi, founder of post-rock band Giardini di Mirò and half of cosmic electro-disco duo Crimea X.

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The release party  Cold LIghts will be September 21st with Age Eternal and TZII at Acud

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