Stockholm-based audiovisual project Rio Noir is the brainchild of one Victor Moreno, who explores his musical roots in experimental electronic music, guitars and string accompaniments. His latest offering, a cover of Depeche Mode’s Shake The Disease, tackles the literal: the accompanying music video explores how illnesses of all kinds affect relationships, through close-ups of body parts combined with archive material of microscopic and SEM footage of cells and diseases. The film was directed by Victor Moreno with cinematography by Fredric Reshew.

The cover is faithful to the original, with Morenos’ own unique spin permeating throughout the music.

Watch the video below:

Rio Noir’s U&I EP was released in 2021 mixed by well-regarded Finnish music producer Jonas Verwijnen (Moon Duo, The Hidden Cameras, Liima) and mastered by audio engineer Rupert Clervaux (Spacemen 3, Alexis Taylor, Spiritualized). In 2022, the same duo worked with Moreno on Shake The Disease. Tragically, Depeche Mode member Andy Fletcher died just after recording, making this a tribute to him and Depeche Mode’s legacy from Rio Noir.

A remixed version, Shake The Disease (Midnight Sun Moreno Remix) was released together with the original cover on all digital streaming services. The single cover is an image of a cell taken by Dr. Paul Wiesner, USCDCP.

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Promo photos Photographed by Fredric Reshew

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