Standalone, the synthesizer driven new-wave solo project project from Steven Seibold of Hate Dept and Pigface, has just released its self-titled debut album through Negative Gain Records.

In support of the album’s release, Steven has shared with us his self produced and painstakingly crafted video for “Underground”—created utilizing frame animation where thousands of still images are put together to form the whole.

Regarding the song’s themes, and video’s production, Steven explains:

“The song Underground is about imprisonment by technology culture and the video is a tale of trying to escape from it. I built a robot character out of abandoned junk and cool things I’ve found to represent myself and anyone who feels trapped, and used toys to represent authority. The stop animation/frame animation was visually rewarding but took way longer than I anticipated, giving me time to refine the message. I believe that we are all unique individuals in our hearts, but we’re being programmed to echo the ideas of others. Perhaps, like this story, our only escape is demise.”

Watch the video below:

Steven having founded the industrial-punk band Hate Dept., with also a strong presence in the famed industrial-rock group Pigface, recorded and produced his solo record as Standalone with an emphasis on the feel of a raw live performance.

On stage, the show is both a solo act with an assortment of clanking steel with electronic keyboard accompaniment, and a duo with Ivan Kazak on drums.

Utilizing this collection of tools including handmade metal crashers, shakers, toy piano, vintage synthesizer and drums, Steven has re-invented myself. stating his desire to return to the sounds that inspired him:

“Music that shaped us from the 80’s and 90’s was emotional, skillful, melodic and relatable… this is what I want to achieve as an artist.”

Standalone is out now. Order here

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