Kennedy Ashlyn through her solo project SRSQ returns with the video for one of the best tracks of 2019—the spellbinding dream pop single “Temporal Love”—a mournful phoenix lament evoking all the fiery passion of heartbreak and a romantic connection that has crumbled into ash.

“Kissing you once more could not erase the time, wishing it was the same as it ever was…”

Ashlyn’s unmatched soprano is attended by an interlude from True Body vocalist Isabel Moreno, whose deep sultry vocals imbue the already beautiful track with an even deeper wistful yearning.

Ashlyn says of the video in a statement:

“Temporal Love is about the condition of experiencing time, how moments can be warped and stretched, and how memories can pervade in disorienting totality. The video, directed by myself and shot/edited by Leigh Violet, takes place on prom night in an alternate reality, seeped in the romantic nostalgia of a woozy “night to remember.”

Watch the video below:

Temporal Love b/w Unkept was produced by Kennedy Ashlyn, mixed by Jorge Elbrecht and mastered by Josh Bonati. The single comes packaged in a pocket sleeve with the insert designed by Nathaniel Young featuring photography by Jess Garten.

The B-side, “Unkept“ is also formidable in its own right, sounding like a classic 4AD chimera of Dead Can Dance and Cocteau Twins—altogether softening the blow from the harrowing and heart-rending A-Side like an ethereal songbird wrapped in plumed reverb.

Order: SRSQ – “Temporal Love” b/w “Unkept”

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