Darkwave artist Daniel Benavides aka Luz Futuro shines brightly in his video “Mi Sangre”, a melodic Spanish language track from the avant-garde musician hailing originally from the Canary Islands.

Brimming with new romanticism,  the song is a mesmerizing allusion to the best of the post-punk and new wave of the ’80s, with a swirl of guitars, synths, and dreamlike vocal croon.

The video directed by Laura Ouchshowcases androgynous charisma of Benavides, looking like a doppelganger of Roland S. Howard, imprisoned, bound, and drowned in a bright room—taken hostage by his own resonating heartstrings and bloodied chains, and surrounded by television monitors.

Watch the video below:

“Mi Sangre” is featured on Luz Futuro’s split EP with VVV [Trippin’you], which of the 4 songs in total also features the extremely danceable track “Colera” (watch the video for “Colera” here).

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