Italian post-punk trio SOVIET SOVIET have unveiled their video for the Algiers remix “Ghost”, the titular track featured on a forthcoming special edition of the band’s Ghost EP, which is scheduled to be issued on vinyl for the first time next week.

The remix is provided by Atlanta’s brilliant post-punk group Algiers; a band fronted by singer/guitarist Franklin James Fisher, who incorporates soul and gospel elements into captivating post-punk melodies and industrial rhythms.

The Algiers remix of Ghost is haunting, transmuting the track into a John Carpenter-like industrial soundscape, enveloped in a thick coating of both suspense and dread that leads into an abstract cavalcade of militarized violence.

On working with Algiers, Soviet Soviet comment:

“The Ghost remix by Algiers is an extraordinary reinterpretation of the song. The track maintains the original melody, transforming it at the same time into something new and rhythmically different.

We love the band and it has been a privilege for us to collaborate with them.”

The video for the remix of Ghost was produced by Alessandro Ferri, drummer of Soviet Soviet and co-owner of the “Coypu Records” label with Mattia Beltutti.

“The video is made of fragments taken from the recent protests in the United States. Unfortunately, no society is immune from the problem of racism and often the justice brought by the police force is not guided by fairness and impartiality, especially towards minorities.”

Watch the video below:

The Algiers remix of ghost is extracted from the forthcoming release “GHOST EP + REMIX”, which us out on vinyl  July 31, 2020.

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