Veo ojos
En la luna
Y gruñan

Southern California dark post-punk outfit Head Cut debut video for their shadowy second single  “Ojos En La Luna”, a song titled which translates from Spanish as “Eyes of the Moon. The track perfectly captures the kind of tribal ritualism of early 80s positive punk that immediately paved way for the Batcave, a club that united across oceans and continents the music of artists such as Death Cult, Siouxsie & The Banshees, 45 Grave, Gun Club, and Christian Death, all on one fog-laden dancefloor.

HEAD CUT, whose name conjures up visions of The Banshees’ spellbound masterpiece Juju, is a band consisting of longtime friends, Oscar Estrada, Sasha Green, Seth Pettersen & John Crerar. the group of musicians have played in bands like Catholic Spit, Massenger, Detoxi, Sweet Reaper, The Fucking Wrath & many more.

After years of trying to sync up and play music together, the stars finally aligned and they found themselves jamming in May of 2021. From a collaboration that felt both fun and natural, Head Cut was born. With this new project, each member took the sounds from their past bands and fused them together with a kind of alchemical magic creating an aural atmosphere that is both strange and familiar.

The video was made by singer Sasha Green, who had only this to say about the track & video:

“Psychic Vampires”

Watch the video for “Ojos En La Luna” below:

In November 2021 Head Cut headed into the Captains Quarters w/ Armand John Anthony & laid down nine songs for their self-titled debut full-length album.

The songs are simultaneously dark, dancy, slow, fast, sometimes sung in English, sometimes sung in Spanish. They push the envelope and ride the line between British post-punk and Classic SoCal punk.

Partnering up with Dune Altar, Naked Time Tapes, & Bat Cave Productions, the HEAD CUT LP will see release in physical form on Vinyl, Cassette & CD in the summer of 2022, as well as being released digitally wherever you stream your music.

Upcoming Shows:

  • May 11th – Alex’s Bar – Long Beach, CA.
  • May 28th- Deer Lodge – Ojai, CA.

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