Last night Marc Almond and Dave Ball said goodbye to Soft Cell with a sold out final concert in London. The gig billed as “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.” was the legendary synth pop duo’s first in 15 years, with Almond and Ball reuniting to celebrate Soft Cell’s 40th Anniversary.

After a 30-song set list at the 02 Arena, opening with the pair’s 1981 debut track “Memorabilia”, Ball and Almond  gave a stylish adieu with the final five songs of the evening, which were non-stop barrage of  classics such as “Bedsitter,”  their covers of  “Tainted Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go,” “Sex Dwarf” and, naturally, “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.”

“Thank you for supporting us. It’s not been an easy ride, but there have been moments of magic. In other words, it’s been a blast. Thank you.” -Marc Almond

Soft Cell,  formed in 1977 are best known for their 1981 debut LP Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. Marc Almond and Ball would release two more LP’s under their original run, 1983’s The Art of Falling Apartand 1984’s This Last Night in Sodom, before calling it quits until a reunion 2001 which eventually led to the release of 2002’s Cruelty Without Beauty.

Almond and Ball would then call it quits again in 2003 before their reunion last night.


Setlist: Soft Cell, O2 Arena, London, UK, September 30, 2018

  1. “Memorabilia”
  2. “Monoculture”
  3. “Darker Times”
  4. “Together Alone”
  5. “Torch”
  6. “Forever the Same”
  7. “Baby Doll”
  8. “Insecure Me”
  9. “Where the Heart Is”
  10. “Numbers”
  11. “Barriers”
  12. “Loving You, Hating Me”
  13. “Last Chance”
  14. “Frustration”
  15. “Youth”
  16. “The Best Way to Kill”
  17. “Meet Murder My Angel”
  18. “Surrender to a Stranger”
  19. “Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime”
  20. “So” [Off stage]
  21. “Martin”
  22. “Heat”
  23. “The Art of Falling Apart”
  24. “Northern Lights”
  25. “Soul Inside”
  26. “What?”
  27. “Bedsitter”
  28. “Tainted Love”
  29. “Where Did Our Love Go”
  30. “Sex Dwarf”
  31. “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

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