Snakedressed: A Tribute to Klinik/Dive/Absolute Body Control is the third installation of Coitus Interruptus Productions’ series following tribute albums dedicated to the oeuvre of Cabaret Voltaire and Fad Gadget. As a dedication to Belgian artist Dirk Ivens, who fronted all three acts – beginning with Absolute Body Control in 1980 – the compilation features artists who are, undoubtedly, directly influenced by Ivens’ work over the past 40 years. Despite the differences in style between the minimal, early 1980s synth sounds of ABC to the sometimes violent and imposing industrial music of Klinik and Dive, the compilation maintains a brooding, mysterious feel to it throughout.

While Snakedressed does cover some of the more recognizable songs from Ivens’ career – “Moving Hands”, “Blood Money”, and even two versions of “Black Leather” are all here – it’s apparent the compilation is made by fans for the fans. The re-imagination of ABC’s “Do You Feel It Inside?” by Octonomy manages to transform the simplistic, unassuming track into something cavernous and industrial with her echoing vocals. Physical Wash’s cover of “Talking to a Stranger” updates and challenges the high emotion of late 1980s Klinik, as does Negant with the cover of “World Domination”. Snakedressed embodies the influence Ivens has had on the dark electronic scene over the years and represents the next generation of artists that probably wouldn’t exist without him. You can download it for free over at Bandcamp.

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