Sleep Museum has existed on the fringe of the resurgent minimal synth scene for ages, quietly creating some of the most subversive and intense music this side of the genre. The project, helmed by Robert Anthony, has been incredibly prolific and especially elusive.  With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the latest Sleep Museum track, “Silent Dream,” plucked from upcoming album The Sleep of Time is the Death of Heat, due out on April 19th via Primal Architecture Records.

The track begins with a deep, pulsing, metallic synth rhythm, immediately conjuring a sense of dread that never lets go over the span of the six minute single. Anthony’s voice, a resonant, liquid croon is offset by bursts of high, piercing, melodic waves of synth. As such, the track is a resonant ride through the darker side of the minimal electronics spectrum, a fitting taste that affirms Sleep Museum’s status as one of the true heroes of the genre.

The Sleep of Time is the Death of Heat will be available in both digital and limited edition CD formats. The physical release, limited to 50 copies, comes in DVD-sized packaging, containing two CD-Rs and a booklet of writings. Check below for full album art, track-listing, and pre-order details:

Sleep Museum- The Sleep of Time is the Death of Heat
1. Doom
2. Winter Evening
3. Charge
4. Far
5. Special Faces
6. Silent Dream
7. Alon
8. Erudite
9. Blue Architecture and Dream
10. Preparation
11. So, Now
12. Seine
13. Solo Morte
14. Call
15. Some Degraded Purpose
16. Ten Pieces of Silver Like Crime
17. Crazed

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