[dropcap]On[/dropcap] November 21st 1989, Skinny Puppy released their 5th studio album Rabies, an album that was produced by Ministry’s Al Jourgensen resulting in a more guitar driven sound that caused some to categorize the album as being more a Ministry/Skinny Puppy hybrid record. In fact, frontman Nivek Ogre performed keyboards and vocals with Ministry on the infamous Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste Tour. Watch Ministry cover Smothered Hope above with Ogre on vocals.

Rabies featured the singles:
Tin Omen



1. Rodent
2. Hexonxonx
3. Two Time Grime
4. Fascist Jock Itch
5. Worlock
6. Rain
7. Tin Omen
8. Rivers
9. Choralone
10. Amputate (CD-only song)
11. Spahn Dirge (Live; CD-only song)


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