Following the spellbinding single “In Dreams” released this past summer, Serbian Synth duo Sixth June wrap us in a wave-swept daydream in “Winter Didn’t Come”, another example of romantic perfection heralding the band’s forthcoming new studio album Trust.

The video utilizes the manipulation of frame rate, film grain, and colour grading evoking an unapparelled cinematic mood that eases in from a long intro of brilliant musical sound editing resembling the blinding sun, and the sound of a heart beating, into a reverie of sighing strings, and melodic piano that carry the setting from the waves, to a the Bar Polet in Serbia.

“The video was filmed in Belgrade and it deals with the relationship between emotions and facts. Waiting for a winter light and a snow to cover our faces and bodies. To make us feel innocent and bright. But winter is not coming…Winter is something that we might never see again, just as some memories that we will never experience anymore.”

Watch the video, produced by Mascom & State 51, below:

“Winter Didn’t Come” was written by Lidija Andonov and Laslo Antal. Additional backing vocals provided by Shira Wolfe & Vanja Đukelić. The single version of the song was remixed by Laslo Antal in the “Hit Factory Studios” Belgrade, summer of 2019.

Following 2017’s Virgo Rising which was released on Berlin label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe—Trust, Sixth June’s third studio album will be released in mid to late December via Mascom (Belgrade) and State 51 (London).

You can preorder the album here. Meanwhile, you can also listen to the track “Oh Boy” taken from Trust via the band’s official Spotify.

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