Serbian Synth duo Sixth June return with their video for “In Dreams”, a romance laden synth-pop liturgy to be featured on the band’s forthcoming new studio album Trust, due to be released this Fall through Mascom and State 51.

Filmed in Belgrade by Shira Wolfe & Laslo Antal, the video for “In Dreams” is wrapped in the dreamlike veil of a melancholic drive through a city night cocooned in the backseat of a car—evoking a thousand plotlines from silver-aged Hollywood auteurs, and the European sensibilities of cinematic luminaries such as Jean-Luc Goddard.

As for the song itself, saxophones herald in bubbling synths and tribal drum loops leading into a fervent and soul-stirring crescendo of love, illustrating the old-world style craftmanship in singing and composing music brought forth by the musical talents of Lidija Andonov & Laslo Antal, matching the emotional intensity of songs like “The Last Beat of My Heart” by Siouxsie and the Banshees, while also throwing in a subtle amount of Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, and Julee Cruise, and even The Cure.

This is Sixth June’s best song yet.

Watch the video, produced by Mascom & State 51, below:

Following 2017’s Virgo Rising which was released on Berlin label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe—Trust, Sixth June’s third studio album is due out this autumn via Mascom (Belgrade) and State 51 (London).

We will keep you informed as more info comes on the highly anticipated release.

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