For their first release of 2020, New Orleans based record shop and label Disko Obscura are proud to present the debut LP from electronic/shoegaze hybrid SIVIYEX. The duo, consisting of partners Barbi Castelvi (Bass, synth, vocals, vocoder) and M. Gomes (synth guitar, programming), have created a stunning LP that synthesizes a series of genres and pushes boundaries over the course of nine tracks. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the video for opening track “Emoshia.” Watch below:

“Emoshia” is a delicious hybrid of Detroit-flavored dance beats, blissed-out synthesizers, and warm analog bass. Castelvi’s heavenly vocals are mixed to convey emotion without traditional pop structures, relying heavily on texture and mood and succeeding in making the heart swell in ways most traditional tracks fail. Fans of artists like Seefeel, Legowelt, Bowery Electric, and Loveliescrushing will find much to love in the song’s genre-transcending grooves and ethereal waves, as the track owes just as much to classic dream pop as it does italo disco, ambient, and early electro. The video, culled together by Nic Hamersly (aka Ortrotasce), features a series of washed out, decaying images and surreal tones, spun in rhythm to the song’s aural beauty.

The self-titled LP is now currently available in digital formats, and a physical, limited edition LP release will ship in late March. The physical edition appears on silver “dream wave” wax, is limited to 500 copies, and features design work by Jean Lorenzo of SIlent Em. Check below for the full album artwork, track listing, and purchasing links:

1. Emoshia
2. Theme From Miyrax
3. Krymira
4. Mindcontrol
5. Vicidian
6. Push
7. Dark Secrets
8. Sysix Rendezvous
9. Precious Hands

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