Bay-area Anarcho post-punk act Ötzi are riding out these tempestuous times we are all enduring, having to have postponed touring Europe and North America in promotion of their new album Storm that was released this past May in wake of their signing to Artoffact records.

This, the band’s second studio album, shines a light of both the inner growth and changes experienced by this stalwart group of talented musicians who hold true to their values and convictions while others might understandably despair.

Led by cascading guitar work from K. Dylan Edrich, “Moths” highlights the vocals talents of drummer Gina Marie, and bassist Akiko Sampson. The pair both brilliantly share the lead on a song with an arduous yet beautiful melody that guides a deeper introspection towards our shadow self, so that perhaps we can “sink into the shadows of the night” and reemerge with new clarity on how to navigate our darkness.

As Ötzi explain:

We ascribe punk and feminist ethics to how we navigate the world, and that’s something that will never change… Right now, so many people are reeling in horror at all the events lately, from the COVID-19 pandemic to George Floyd’s murder. But for some of us, sometimes the scariest thing is to look at ourselves and see what has to change from within. This song celebrates that change.

Watch the Akiko Sampson directed video ” Moths”, guided by the lamplight of polymath musician Winter Zora, and the rest of the band, below:

Ötzi’s tumultuous new album Storm is out now through Artoffact Records.

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