Silicone Valley of the Dolls — VR SEX Debut Video for “Inanimate Love”

We spent the afternoon together

We were painting corolettes and telling secrets

But your eyes were blank and never blinking

Why does it matter if you don’t have a heartbeat?

Objectophilia, a phenomenon where individuals develop significant emotional, romantic, or sexual relationships with inanimate objects, presents a fascinating lens through which to explore the complexities of human affection and connectivity. This concept, vividly depicted in films like Lars and the Real Girl, where the protagonist forms a profound bond with a sex doll, blurs the lines between animate and inanimate companionship. This narrative thread weaves through various cinematic explorations, such as the tender yet unconventional relationship in Her, where the line between human and artificial intelligence becomes indistinct, or the poignant attachment to a mannequin in Mannequin, highlighting the diverse manifestations of love and connection beyond the human realm. These stories mirror the thematic essence of Hard Copy, the latest auditory exploration by VR SEX, which delves into the intricate dance between human desires and the allure of the inanimate, setting a backdrop for a deeper discussion on the nature of relationships and emotional fulfillment in the contemporary digital age.

Hard Copy, a ten-track manifesto by VR SEX, emerges as a potent blend of psychedelic punk rock infused with the anarchic spirit of Chrome and the rebellious echoes of the Stiff Records era. This auditory journey delves into the complex tapestry of human desire, the ephemeral allure of forbidden pleasures, and the dark underbelly of societal fringes, narrated through tales of love entwined with inanimate beings, dangerous liaisons, and the perennial dance with destruction.

With the release poised for March 22nd under the banner of Dais Records, Inanimate Love, the album’s second single, unveils a narrative rich in solitude and the quest for connection through an inanimate consort, a poignant reflection on the nature of companionship in the meta-modern social media era. Accompanied by a visually arresting visual collage crafted by Danny Perez, this piece serves as a contemporary musing on love in its most unconventional forms.

VR SEX says the video is “a short-form, contemporary documentary about humans who are in love with things that have not yet (by definition) achieved ‘sentience.’”

Watch the video for “Inanimate Love” below:

The essence of Inanimate Love resonates with the avant-garde vibrations of Wire and Chrome, the raw ferocity of Stickmen With Rayguns, and the transcendental flow of Japanese psychedelia, all the while maintaining VR SEX’s distinctive flair for lush, biting soundscapes. This track is a testament to the band’s evolution, a journey further explored following their 2022 release, Rough Dimension. Under the guidance of Noel Skum, also known as Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty, VR SEX has transcended its origins to become a collaborative force, eschewing digital fabrication for the authenticity of direct instrument recording, crafting an immersive auditory experience that is both dense and spatial.

Hard Copy stands as a philosophical inquiry into the dichotomy of the real and the replicated, challenging the preconceptions of authenticity and exploring the myriad pleasures and perils that lie within both realms. It is a voyage through the extremities of human experience, an exploration of the depths of the heart’s turmoil, set against the backdrop of a world teetering on the brink of reality and illusion.

As we stand on the precipice of this brave new world, VR SEX beckons us to take a bite from the forbidden fruit of technology via hardware such as the Apple Vision Pro, venturing into a realm where the lines between the animate and inanimate blur into a mesmerizing dance of our virtues and baser instincts. Anticipate the arrival of Hard Copy and immerse yourself in the singular world of VR SEX, where the boundaries of love, desire, and existence blur into a perverse dystopian mosaic.

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