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Listen to Portland Darkwave Project Arkham Sunset’s “Failure Analysis”

“Purity is not your style

Crucify me now and hang me upside down”

Failure Analysis is the third full-length album from Gerry Hathaway, known artistically as Arkham Sunset, a prolific electronic producer based in Portland, Oregon. At the heart of Arkham Sunset lies a steadfast commitment to collaboration: this album brings together contributions from a diverse mix of Portland’s musical talents, including the vocal and instrumental prowess of Lies We Were Told, Doppler Affection, and Ceremony Shadows, complemented by the distinguished Iranian guitarist Farzin Ajorlou. Lee Ann Hathaway, Gerry’s wife, lends the project its most profound and personal dimension. Lee Ann’s artistic vision not only shapes the album’s visual aestheti,c but also the thematic essence of the singles leading up to its release.

Failure Analysis also explores the couple’s shared affinity for vintage horror and erotica, a preference that infuses the work with a delightfully sinister and playful undertone.

Staying true to Hathaway’s signature approach, the album traverses a broad array of musical terrains. It delves into the gritty realms of industrial and metal, ventures through the shadowy echoes of darkwave and goth rock, pulses with the beats of Berlin School and disco, and explores the nuanced realms of synthpop and ambient, showcasing the artist’s eclectic and adventurous musical explorations.

There is, however, a distinct running theme that connects the kaleidoscope of sounds present on the record: “Failure Analysis is a concept album that traverses different genres and moods, both introspective and aggressive, as a form of self-reflection, tracing the source of past mistakes and severing those toxic behaviors permanently,” says Hathaway.

The instrumental ASDR thrives on a vibrant, pulsating rhythm that invigorates and uplifts. Its euphoric melodies and dynamic beats create an energizing ambiance, with its exhilarating and heart-pounding vibe – perfect for igniting a sense of joy and vitality. Channeling the stirring and tension-filled essence of 1970s Italian ‘Giallo’ cinema, Blood In Four Colors unfolds with a bold S&M undertone—echoes of leather, gentle restraints, and yearning looks that suggest the dangerously seductive nature of a love affair teetering on the edge of destruction. The music captures the constant tension inherent in such fraught liaisons, teasing an intimacy that is perpetually just beyond reach, a nuanced dance of dominance and exposure.

Horizon Zero resonates with a strong Knight Rider vibe, thanks to its cinematic arpeggios, use of vocoder and guitar, and the resonant tones of its synths. It evokes the iconic style of Stu Phillips and draws inspiration from Jean-Michel Jarre, bridging nostalgic television scores with motorik beats. Failure Analysis moves into darker territory, sounding more like a latter-day Gary Numan with the raw, jagged vocals of Fugazi or Black Flag.

Neuro Rhythmic moves back into cinematic territory, with an ominous sonar blip anchoring manic synth arpeggios. It’s the soundtrack of all things neurospicy, mimicking the frentic racing thoughts in an overloaded mind. Next is a rousing – if caustic – cover of Ministry’s Revenge, to celebate the 40th anniversary of With Sympathy. The album concludes with Departure Point, a Kraftwerkian track that carries a gentle, rhythmic pulse, marking it as another cinematic instrumental piece. This closing number wraps up the collection with a sense of calm introspection.

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