Shriekback are back with their 14th studio album “Why Anything?” “Why This?”. Today we are sharing the brooding barstool balled titled “37”—the closing track off of the LP, which is set for release on May 25th.

Shriekback was founded in 1981 by ex-XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews and former Gang Of Four bassist Dave Allen, along with guitarist Carl Marsh.

The post-punk supergroup saw their biggest success on 1985’s Oil & Gold, whose single “Nemesis” that was initially a college radio hit, and hitherto become a gothic club anthem.

Last year, following a nearly 25 year hiatus, Andrews announced a crowdfunding initiative that raised around $58,000 that was used to fund a UK and European tour whose lineup featured original members Andrews on keyboards/vocals, Marsh on guitar/vocals and Martyn Barker on drums.

Dave Allen is not participating in this lineup, but gave his blessing to this current incarnation of the band, which now additionally features Steve Halliwell on guitar/keyboards, Mike Cozzi on guitar, Wendy and Sarah Partridge on vocals, and Scott Firth of Public Image Ltd. on bass.

Previously the band’s forthcoming album saw the premiere of “Catmandu”, as well as featuring a music video for the track “And The Rain”.

Order “Why Anything? Why This?”now via the group’s official site.


  1. “Shovelheads”
  2. “And The Rain”
  3.  “Catmandu”
  4. “Such, Such Are The Joys”
  5. “Wriggle And Drone”
  6. “The Painter Paints”
  7. “Useless Treasure”
  8. “The Church Of The Louder Light”
  9. “Sons Of The Dirt”
  10. “Thirty Seven”

*Featured Photo by Nick Wright

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