[dropcap]SHE[/dropcap] PAST AWAY, whose smashing debut “BELIRDI GECE” hit the foggy dancefloor in 2012, have just released their second full-length album “NARIN YALNIZLIK” earlier this month. Rest assured that this new one highlights the fact that a Turkish band are able to combine elements from bands like legacy bands such as THE CURE, JOY DIVISION as well as SISTERS OF MERCY with a new and fresh sound.

Many people have been eagerly awaiting this release, and the 11 track have a timeless feel that odds are will not leave anyone disappointed. Singer Volker Caner’s vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Elvis singing completely in Turkish while using a box full of delay and reverb effects. The first track SOLUK features all the essential elements of we have come to  love in terms of SHE PAST AWAY: Lovely guitar riffs, stunning synthesizers as well percussion that instantly shift the earth beneath your feet.

HAYALLER feels like an early, unknown demo track from The Cure – slow and full of blissful melancholy. KATARSIS and GERECEKTEN ÖZLEYINCEIS are comparable to SOLUK: Fast paced and full of energy. That being said—you will love the variety of up-tempo and slower songs that we missed on BELIRDI GECE.

After performing at WGT in Leipzig/Germany two years ago, they filled clubs across the world and are already a firmly established band in the international Dark-Wave and Post-Punk scene.

Expect the LP to be sold out immediately as their debut did, so ensure to get your copy at Fabrika. If you cant wait, get the CD (Digipack with 4 pages booklet) or the digital release. The cover is a work of art, featuring a painting from the artist Barış Malkoç.

She Past Away (Facebook)
LP/CD: Fabrika Records
Digital Release: Remoov Records


01. Soluk
02. Asimilasyon
03. Uzakta
04. Narin Yalnızlık
05. Hayaller
06. Katarsis
07. Uçtu Belirsizliğe
08. Gerçekten Özleyince
09. Yanımda
10. Kuruyordu Nehir
11. İçe Kapanış II

Fantastique.Night XLV - Brussels by Xavier Marquis

Fantastique.Night XLV – Brussels by Xavier Marquis

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