Dark Electronic Act The Number H conjures a Lynchian dream with the video for their pulsing dreamscape “Nothing”. The Pennsylvania-based project uses industrial music techniques to harvest sounds and weave them into a sonic tapestry of shadowy beats and icy vocals.

Produced by Sean Marz (Five Locks), The Number H is an artistic outlet that explores the timeless human themes of pain, loss, and regret. These themes and more are found within TNH’s second EP titled called The Conditioning (Lost Glacier Records).

Continuing the fusion of music concrete and aural poetry found on the previous release, The Conditioning uses a mixture of found and original spoken phrases, harvested sounds, and layered dark electronic beats and soundscapes to create the gestalt of each track. The overall effect can be compared to the more introspective tracks from Parisian acts Minuit Machine, and Sierra.

These found phrases utilized on The Conditioning originate exclusively from Shakespearean plays, and the first song of the EP, “Nothing”, opening ominously with the ambient sounds of a thunderstorm, the track commences with the utterance: “Nothing will come of Nothing”, words which reference the idea that inaction begets no progress and thus no change in condition.

TNH explains:

“Nothing will come of nothing” is a phrase from King Lear. In and of itself both the phrase and this track (and its companion video) can be interpreted in several ways, and I’d like the listener to decide what it means to them.

Working in tandem with the music, the video for ‘Nothing” is an experience akin to Lost Highway meets Derek Jarman’s 1979 adaptation of The Tempest.

Watch the video for “Nothing” below:

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