Hailing from Portland, Oregon’s fertile music scene, Shadowlands have unveiled a new video for their track “Newborn,” their first single and opening track from their upcoming sophomore record 002. The album is out March 16th via This-a-Way Records.

Both the track and the video begin ominously, with a low ambient rumble and shuffling percussion set against a visual of vocalist Amy Sabin, dripping black tar in reverse. Warm synth pads and a deep bass groove play against Sabins’ vocals, deeply sensual and drenched with longing. Sabin is reborn as she emerges from the pit, while her bandmates circle her cautiously.

The track churns, builds, and then delicately gives into a wash of synth before exploding in a hazy, emotive climax where we see Sabin, dressed in white, crawling through the pool. Whether these events play out as a ritual in reverse or signify a deeper sense of redemption and the duality of the human spirit is open to interpretation, but here are a few words “Newborn” straight from the source:

“The lyrics were written in part as love note from one hyper critical realist to another– about shame and self-loathing and making life what you want it to be, psychologically speaking. It’s in no way an embrace of positive thinking, or pseudo spiritual manifestation, but a reminder that we are all ok as much as we are darkness.”

Shadowloads will be performing live in Portland on Saturday, March 17th to celebrate the release of 002. They will be joined by Daydream Machine and The Young Elders. Check out the album art and tracklisting for 002 below:

Shadowlands- 002 LP
1. Newborn
2. The River
3. We Cannot
4. Charming Tyrant
5. Possession



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