To read your mind I tried
And to see all the stars
And I want you to fight
Can you teach me to shine?
Do you wanna go home?

Proclaiming it “the revenge of life,” Berlin-based Serbian dark synthpop duo Sixth June debuts a melancholy, bittersweet new single, Dance With Me.  Laslo Antal, visual artist and actress Lidija Andonov weave a moment of bliss, the eye of a global storm where people can momentarily feel peace and harmony. When faced with tragedy and danger, what can one do – and how it is possible to seek revenge in the dream world?

Taking cues from Kate Bush, Lebanon Hanover, and even a dash of Enya, this synth track is weirdly optimistic in its message of doom and gloom.  Andonov’s deep, resonant voice is simultaneously soothing and world-weary, a gentle, if mournful, caress over the airy synths. The attitude of the track is, the inevitable will happen – so embrace moments of “home” whenever possible.

“Dance and joy is what has been left to us in this chaotic world that is disappearing in front of our eyes,” the band explains.

Listen below:

The new Sixth June album, coming out this year, will take the listeners a step further into the depths of personal and interpersonal relationships in this apocalyptic world.

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