Marking the second collaboration for the Los Angeles synth outfit Second Skin, the perfectly mid-80s infused Eyes Closed was written and recorded in total isolation during the bleak days of spring 2020.

Eyes Closed sounds like a lost Julian Cope-meets-Howard Jones-meets So-era Peter Gabriel track, particularly with the vocals: it is a bright, icy new-wave synth gem borne of a time of uncertainty and despair.

“While the world was at a complete standstill we found ourselves dreaming of a new era…one of optimism…beyond the dark days and into a new era,” says the band.

Second Skin was formed in the Spring of 2020 by two Bay Area friends: Brian Tarney (Tambo Rays) and Brian DaMert (WATERS), who shared a love of Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, New Order, and various Trevor Horn productions. Longing for a shared musical awakening beyond the plastic pop of the modern era, the timing was perfect for the duo to form an alliance, as Tarney’s other project, VR SEX, was on hiatus.

The two convened at DaMert’s Hollywood studio and, feeling instant chemistry, began writing music. They locked themselves inside during the initial pandemic shutdown, forbidding outside distractions, culminating in their forthcoming debut album, due to be released later in 2021.

Second Skin’s first full-length album is complete. The band plans to release it this autumn, with, fingers crossed, touring to follow. The band, who has also remixed Patriarchy has also dropped a remix for HEALTH’s Cyberpunk 2​.​0​.​2​.​0.

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