Creativity knows no bounds with Sebeyu, The solo electronic music project of artist Anika Perkins, who recently released an ambient album called Mindexpansion, is about exploring the boundaries of sound and vision, via a “lucid dream state that shifts into peak awareness.” It is the sound of a highly energetic fever dream, the disturbing din that upsets the REM and takes consciousness to another plane, unrelenting in its nightmarish delirium.

She describes the album as a “futurist fantasy where visible light is muted and clouds blend into the sky. A version of industrial rave where nothing is absolute. It is empathy dressed in sheets of metal. Faded synth and melody against massive drums.”

In addition to the new album, Sebeyu’s collaboration with Daniel Bressanutti of Front 242 continues. Their last project, After The Before, is being followed up with SKY ANY COLOUR, an ACRONYM®-curated, online group exhibition.

“The project aims to bring together a diverse range of global creatives, with the express purpose of exploring humanity’s increasingly complex relationship with the future,” says the artist.

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