Seattle’s Sister Jack makes innovative, dance-friendly, post-punk that is brooding and nostalgic yet modern and contemporary.

His new five-song EP, Occupation, is a collection of work written and recorded during the course of 2022. These songs consist primarily of fast-paced dance-rock tracks in Sister Jack’s unique style, akin to Public Image Limited, Adam Ant, and early Interpol.

This collection of intense numbers with a lo-fi bend has the same spirit of early post-punk efforts, and the same urgency, intensity, and angst behind its message. The album opens with the jangling Douse, which takes a cue from The Smiths with the wailing howls of Gary Numan’s vocals. It moves into Simmering, a sinister bop with frenetic hi-hat drumming and an eerie guitar solo. See Me Like This hearkens back to the disjointed guitar stylings of Joy Division, the vocals yelping jerkily until the soaring bridge takes us into new territory. This, too, feels like early Interpol, Franz Ferdinand and The Editors. This Cloud has more of a Clash feel; the track is peppered with unique guitar work. Occupation ends with the pleading Headwater, which has a strangely jazzy feel; almost delving into Radiohead territory.

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