Struggling with self-identity, mental health and the connections to yourself can be a struggle; a sense of chaos can make the ordeal all the more overwhelming. Salt Lake City’s Sculpture Club addresses this all-consuming power play of the Ego with their newest single, Chains and Faith, from the upcoming album Worth (Funeral Party Records).

Tearing off the chains of depression as well as the void of identity that often accompanies mental health issues, Chains and Faith suits the listener up in a formidable armour for the torrent of self-battle; the powerful track’s dark revelations reverberate with echoing vocals, synth and luminous guitar.

Sculpture Club is comprised of Chaz Costello (guitar and vocals), drummer Madison Donnelly, bassist Halee Jean, and guitarist Bret Meisenbach. An integral part of the flourishing post-punk and goth-pop resurgence, the band shares members with the critically-acclaimed Choir Boy, and Human Leather. Scooping up a delicious, psychedelic combination of The Cure and Echo and the Bunnymen, Sculpture Club follows their inspirations’ evolution, speaking to the power of community through strings, chorus-soaked basslines, and blown-out leads. Sculpture Club’s sweet-as-candy melodies wrap around a bittersweet nougat of lyrical torment, generating unprovoked optimism with a side helping of devastation and disenchantment.

Frontman Chaz Costello provides a little insight on the inspiration for Chains and Faith: “The song…stems from my Imposter Syndrome and my constant struggle with my own self-worth…The verses are my inner monologue and the chorus is the culmination and release of the frustration—only wanting a simple connection with yourself like knowing your true name,” Costello adds.

Chains and Faith is accompanied by a new videodirected by Costello, featuring the band eating takeout, isolated in their respective dwellings. The simple premise reflects upon the relative isolation experienced during these times: the reformed sense of togetherness through common action rather than communal interaction.

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Worth will be out on May 14.—pre-order here!

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