San Juan Post-Punk Project Basavriuk Debuts Melodic New Single “Below and Beyond”

Crawl around the gates of hell.
Glass crown, uncovered mound

In love’s fierce grip, we yield, our selves dissolve, as two souls merge in passion’s deep embrace. Like rivers to the vast sea, we lose our names, yet in this boundless surrender, find a truer grace. Love, both crucible and sanctuary, shapes us anew in its passionate blaze.

San Juan artist, Kevin Shames, aka Basavriuk, had been quietly slipping tracks online as Basavriuk since 2015, but by 2022 he decided it was high time to get serious, and aim for a sound with more structure and definition. Now, Basavriuk is hitting its stride and reaching far beyond Puerto Rico’s sandy borders.

Basavriuk’s latest single, Below and Beyond, delves into the complexities of love and the ease with which one can lose themselves in its depths. The music features rhythmic guitar work reminiscent of traditional post-punk alongside vocals drenched in shoegaze-style reverb, all underpinned by the raw edge of early alternative rock.

Below and Beyond is Basavriuk’s deep dive into self-discovery and healing. It’s like navigating unknown territory, where each step is met with disbelief and struggle. Yet, there’s a strong resolve to rebuild, showcasing the resilience inherent in the quest for wholeness.

On the musical front, Basavriuk pays homage to the post-punk vibes of The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds, blending it with the reverb-drenched vocals reminiscent of DIIV and My Bloody Valentine. Add to this mix the raw energy reminiscent of early Foo Fighters, and Below and Beyond becomes Basavriuk’s anthem for the resilient, delivered with heart and soul.

Listen to “Below and Beyond” below:

Since its new incarnation, Basavriuk has published three singles, a mini-EP, and a collaboration track between long-distance friends. More new music from the project is likely on its way later this year.

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