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Riverside Bring Their Jangle Pop and Post-Punk Classic Debut Album “One’ to Vinyl via Kickstarter

In the early 90s, Philadelphia gifted the alternative music scene with Riverside, an earnest group of musicians whose songs wove a gossamer melange of dream-infused rock, tinged with the nostalgic jangle of bygone days, and laced with a subtle undercurrent of melancholy. This ensemble, led by the Kochanowicz brothers—Keith, with his haunting vocals and deft touch on the guitar and organ, and Glenn, with his deep bass lines and harmonies, complemented by Kenneth Jackson’s lead guitar riffs and Geoff Verne’s rhythmic drums—emerged as a beacon of melodic resilience in the face of the music industry’s capricious nature.

Yet, it was with their debut album, One, that Riverside truly soared, embodying the essence of spectral reverberations reminiscent of Echo & the Bunnymen, and the heartfelt yearnings akin to The Smiths. Their sound, however, was distinctly American in its raw passion, an echo of an era that if transplanted to the misty landscapes of Scotland, would have found kinship with the likes of The Lightning Seeds and Belle and Sebastian.

In an age when grunge’s gritty realism dominated the airwaves, Riverside stood as anachronistic heroes, champions of melodic grace in an industry veering towards the jagged edges of rebellion. Yet, the album One remained a steadfast testament to the timeless allure of melody, infused with a British sensibility and the soulful depth of Philadelphia.

The album’s tracks, like Cinnamon Eyes and Waterfall, became anthems of a generation, echoing through the halls of college radio and flickering across the screens of a darker MTV landscape. Cinnamon Eyes, with its buoyant, shimmering jangle-pop reverie and playful percussive beat, captures the essence of an unabashed love song, while Waterfall, with its cascading melodic guitar hooks that flow like their namesake, accompanied by chime-like guitar accents that dance in the wind, perfectly encapsulates the earnestness of a golden era straddling the early ’80s post-punk and the burgeoning alternative rock scene.

The album One stands as a sanctuary for the hopeless romantics and dreamers, a portal to a golden-hued era of alternative rock, its timeless sound never fading into obscurity but rather aging like fine wine, growing more profound with each listen.

In recent years, Riverside has rekindled the flames of their legacy, gracing stages alongside The Ocean Blue in sold-out reunion shows, with whispers of more to come in 2024. In a thrilling development, Riverside has partnered with Lost in Ohio to bring One to vinyl, a first for this cherished debut. This Kickstarter-funded reissue is a call to arms for those who wish to hold a piece of music history in their hands, complete with t-shirts, posters, and a dive back into the riverside of yesteryears.

With the March 1st deadline approaching, the band’s Kickstarter campaign is a call to action for those interested in contributing to the revival of the band’s legacy.

Find the link to the Kickstarter link for Riverside’s project to reissue their debut album, One, on vinyl here.

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