San Diego Synth-Pop act, Twin Ritual, have unveiled their new single: “Allie.” Laura Levenhagenhe’s ethereal vocals soar over fast-paced percussion, swirling synths, fuzzed-out bass, and driving guitar hooks -a sound reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand, Killers, Interpol, and Editors, but uniquely female. The band members include Levenhagen (vox/synth), Anthony Ramirez, (bass), Antonio Estrada (guitar), and Michael Buehl (drums). The fast, danceable pace is tempered with the supernatural; as if a portal has opened from the spirit world to unleash an intervention.

“Allie” also brings to mind Laura Branigan’s classic interpretation of “Gloria,” with its message of frantic warning and regret, as Levenhagenhe is cast as a guardian spirit of sorts in the accompanying narrative video. A woman is in trouble, and Levenhagenhe’s compassionate vocals are full of pathos as she tries to save her. Actress Paris Gutierrez gives a stirring performance as the titular character in the noir-tinged Oscar “OZ” Riveros-directed clip.

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If you’re in the Los Angeles area, Twin Ritual will be performing Siouxsie songs live at The Paramount on the 4th of February.
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