You’re a holistic flower
But I’m so insecure
Let’s get to know each other
But only under the moon

San Diego darkwave duo Twin Ion Engine debut a melancholy new single, called “Skinwalker.” The track is a haunting, catchy darkwave melody with ties to romance and loss. It weaves a tale in which a toxic romantic partner transforms into a mythical creature with interchangeable features in order to attract and devour its prey.

The imagery of the song recalls an English folk troubadour, singing a ballad of warning to other erstwhile lovers, but performed through the filter of the mournful post-Soviet stylings and echoing vocals of Molchat Doma and Ploho. It’s melancholy, gloomy, yet has a great bass-heavy dance floor groove and gorgeous ringing guitars. Are you ready for a quest through the dark woodlands of Romantic Mordor? Listen below, but don’t say we didn’t warn you of those ‘gently smiling jaws’:

Skinwalker is Twin Ion Engine’s fifth official single release. You can pre-order the album here.

The band will also be hitting the California freeways this spring, making stops in San Diego, LA, and Cathedral City.

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