If you’re looking for a perfect soundtrack to a night drive, look no further than San Diego’s retro-flavoured electropop act, Glass Spells. Today they premiere their new music video for Empty Road, part of their Mirrors EP.  Featuring analogue synths, deep bass, drum beats, and dreamy female vocals, Glass Spells evokes  80s retro beats and contemporary electronic music, while remaining shadowy enough for any fog-laden darkwave club night. Together, the band, Anthony Ramirez (Synthesizers/Bass), Tania Costello (Vocals), and Michael Buehl on drums, weave melodic sonic textures with driving bass lines, and percussive dance beats.

Across the five tracks on the band’s Mirrors EP, Glass Spells capture a sound that is both fresh and nostalgic, with dark rhythms that lie somewhere between Ladytron and SSQ. “Empty Road” is no exception; its video, directed by Mitch Wilson of Lunar Maps Productions and edited by Tania Costello, is a dreamy, nostalgic visit to an abandoned amusement park.

After their debut release in 2014, Glass Spells have been featured on radio stations around the county. The buzz around Glass Spells, known for their impressive live shows,  has led them to be showcased at the San Diego Music Thing, and the best new band by San Diego uptown news. Recently they were also selected as the San Diego’s – 91x radio local break.

Check out the video for Empty Road below:

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Track List:
1. Night Hour
2. Mirrors
3. Psychic Lovers
4. Empty Road
5. Don’t Save Me

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