Sacramento duo Venetian Veil (aka Jim Willig and Susan Hunt) announce the release of their upcoming concept album THE LANDS OF THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, (out November 11th via Dune Altar). They weave a hauntingly beautiful tapestry of darkwave, post-punk, and a worldly dark and atmospheric folk that’s part Ennio Morricone, part Cocteau Twins, part Dead Can Dance.

The atmospheric first single, Treeline,” is accompanied by a lush self-directed and filmed video clip: Willig’s drone footage dreamily soaring over woodland landscapes and fog; as masked spirits summon us through the thinning veil. As the band says, they have actualized their own virtual world: “the sounds of sleep transmissions from the minds of another world.”

Watch the video for ‘Treeline” below:

Venetian Veil formed in 2010 after playing together in the band Waning, forging a partnership that spans performing live film scores, ten albums, and EPs ranging from gothic kosmische instrumentals (i.e., the Conjurings audio cassette series) to their more song-oriented albums fusing ambient, goth, and shoegaze sounds.

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