Novosibirsk’s prolific Russian post-punk band,  Ploho have unveiled their video for the brilliant opening track on the band’s recently released album Пыль. The song “Закладка” which translates into English as “Bookmark” or in this case, “The Stash”. is classic Russian post-punk—featuring a catchy infusion of nostalgic guitar and bass interplay over drum machine and keys that allude to the sonic template of the mid to late 1980s.

The video, whose title refers to the hiding of contraband, has a distinctly Soviet flair, with a cavalcade of visual metaphors set against a red backdrop and Police uniforms as the band performs their cheeky yet sinister political satire with a large cast of characters calling out corruption in their surreal vignettes.

Ploho provided this vague quote, which juxtaposed along with the video, gives the experience a David Lynch like feel:

“Dreaming is the subjective perception of images (visual, auditory, tactile, taste and olfactory) that arise in the consciousness of a sleeping person (presumably some other mammals)”

Watch the video for “Закладка” below:

Пыль which in English translates to Dust, is out now through Sierpien Records, Other Voices Records, Bluedog Music.

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