Summer is almost over, and with the change in seasons comes a tangible shift in senses. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the latest video from Baltimore-based band The Holy Circle, plucked from their latest release Sick With Love. Watch below:

The video, created by Bobby Markos (aka Documavision), is a series of surreal found footage collages, hazy in nature and spun backwards by design, adding an unsettling edge to the track’s blurred edges, accentuating the fuzzed-out synths, chorus-drenched guitar, and Erica Burgner-Hannum’s heavenly vocals.

Sick With Love is currently available on cassette and digital, via Deathbomb Arc. Click here to order a copy, and be sure to catch the band live tonight in hometown Baltimore at Ottobar with Secret Shame, Thin Pigeon, and Dark Narrows.

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