Russian Post-Punk Act Скубут (Skubut) has debuted the video for “Tочка кипения” from his recently released album Меланхоличен—which suitably translates as “Melancholic”.

The song, “Tочка кипения”, whose title translates as “Boiling point”, is soft, uptempo, and introspective, driven by a spiraling guitar line, and a punchy drum machine, capturing a perfect post-Soviet post-punk sound.

The video focuses on the glowing ember of cigarettes as the video’s various protagonists descend and linger on an industrial staircase covered in graffiti. The combination of sound and imagery is surprisingly meditative given the song’s churning title.

Watch the video for “Tочка кипения” below:

Скубут is the post-punk moniker of a young Russian musician called Mikhail Shlepin, now based in Vienna, Austria.

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