Diana Burkot, the percussionist from Russian Post-Punk band Fanny Kaplan and art noise band Pripoy is quite the artistic polymath, helming an interdisciplinary solo art project known as Rosemary Love A Blackberry

The project is the result of her training Moscow College of Improvised Music specializing in drums, and her studies Rodchenko School of Art where she studied video-art and installations, which has led to her participation in exhibitions with music videos, sound installations, and performances

Diane has recently released this past August her ‘❤’ LP, which is available digitally and via pink cassette.

Meanwhile, Diana has collaborated with three dancers Milia, Alina, and Karina (MAK) on a series of videos that includes ‘True Love Forgives Truizm’:

Diana elaborates on ‘True Love Forgives Truizm’:

“We don’t believe in banalities. How can we believe words, which are completely worn out? Bright pictures or declarations of love… and finally, it’s so banal to say that something is banal.  We need to find new definitions and new combinations by endlessly creating. We need to believe that the essence is in the future, escaping in dance of wandering progress in the nebulae of vicious nostalgia.”

Comments from MAK:



There is something inside that I want to share. I wish to create a world inside and outside, on the bottom and in a dream, on the surface of sleep.

This collaboration work is like memories of some distant dream, which flashes only from time to times, but causes a strong response inside.

In mydance, I wanted to reveal my inner self and connect through it with souls of my fellow girls. This work is like an appearance of multiple entities: dark and light, gentle and wild.

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