Romantic and transatlantic deathrock outfit Johnathan/Christianconsisting of Sweden’s Christian Granquist and American Johnathan Mooney, announces the release of Strip Me, a new three-song EP with three new remixes, dealing with the tragic trilogy of a relationship.

Strip Me,” “Sway Back,” and “This Too” acknowledge the fear of rejection, love’s often finite nature, hitting bottom, and trying to find ways out. Strip Me is a growling, snarling journey through the confusion of emotions with a gorgeous string arrangement punctuating the passion. Love may not last forever – sometimes we hit bottom and try to find escape.

“Even a healthy relationship can have its dark side,” says Christian. “I started contemplating the classic “Love Hurts,” which, when you think about it, is dead wrong. Love doesn’t hurt; rejection hurts. Deception hurts. Lies and loneliness hurt. “

The EP also features remixes by Ministry’s John Bechdel, EBM legend Leæther Strip, and Steven Archer (Stone Burner/Ego Likeness), which provide unique interpretations of the duo’s sound.

The music video for “Strip Me,” produced by Purple Tree Creative’s Nick Van Dyk, takes a subliminal approach in terms of the cuts and imagery addressing the challenges of romantic entanglements.

“The animated video aims to explore the different emotions and experiences in a unique and visually striking way,” says the band. “By using abstract imagery, the video aims to create a powerful and thought-provoking response that can help those going through challenges to understand better and process their feelings, even if it may be on a subconscious level. The video’s goal is to convey empathy and the chaos that comes with the experience of a relationship.”

Watch the kaleidoscope of flashing feelings below:

Strip Me is available on all major digital platforms.

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